Traci-Lyn Kerr, founder of Nova & Beyond Bookkeeping. 

My passion for supporting business is born out of the simple desire to help business owners in an area that is sometimes a big mystery.  I get that not every business owner has the understanding or the time to focus on managing the day to day financial transactions of their business.  Instead, they want/need someone to speak in simple and honest terms to them and to their third-party interests.  I have a genuine desire to use my skills to support individuals in achieving their business goals and life dreams. 

Born and raised in Vancouver, BC, I received a Marketing and Communications degree from Douglas College.  After moving to the Maritimes, I received a business degree from the New Brunswick Community College.  I am committed to continuing education and believe that learning should be life-long journey.  With that belief, I continued my studies while raising my kids and received a certificate in Financial Management from Dalhousie University just a few years ago.  Now, I am working towards a Distinguished Financial Advisor designation with the Knowledge Bureau in Winnipeg.  Growing my base of knowledge and my skills only means I am able to help you better!

Outside of work,  I am navigating the teenage years with my daughter. But most of all, I enjoy down time hanging with my husband and my furry friend, Finn the Aussiedoodle.  🙂 

Thanks for your interest in my company.


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