Nova & Beyond Bookkeeping Accounting Solutions will officially open its doors in March 2019 and ready to offer a range of accounting, tax preparation, and financial coaching services to the people of Halifax, Nova Scotia and surrounding area.

That’s right… if you need a full cycle accounting service and/or assistance with annual tax preparation or CRA audits, then we are your support team. 

But also, we understand that sometimes you just need short-term help or guidance with a particularly sticky issue.  Perhaps you need help getting your new ‘start-up’ business truly started up and financially ready to manage your accounts.  Perhaps you’re pretty savvy with the books but just got a little behind with prepping and filing your documents with CRA.  No worries.  We’re here to help!

With 25 years in the accounting/bookkeeping biz and several years’ experience in teaching this stuff to others, we are exactly the resource you need to help you build your financial literacy and techy skills with financial software.

So, if you’re nodding your head right now…thinking “yup..I need that”… then reach out and give us a call.  We can have a chat about your circumstance and see how our abilities match your needs!

In our experience, you’re likely not alone in your situation.  We’ve kind of see it all.  We can get you turned around, up to date, and moving forward again.